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Preparing for the Collapse of ObamaCare: Some Advice on Timing for Doctors

April 22nd, 2013 By Steven Knope, MD

The difference between a hero and a martyr is timing. A hero takes charge and leads his people to victory. A martyr loses his life in defense of his beliefs. When ObamaCare collapses under its own weight, which type of doctor will you be?

Reading the Tea Leaves: Based upon several important indicators, I believe that ObamaCare will fail before it is ever fully implemented. For every physician who is running to comply with all of its new rules and regulations, stop running for a moment and think.… Read the rest

What is Concierge Medicine?

February 21st, 2013 By Steven Knope, MD

What is Concierge Medicine? Concierge medicine, boutique medicine and direct practices are all terms used to describe a new form of medicine in which patients pay a doctor directly for enhanced medical care. In return for payment, the patient receive services such as guaranteed same-day appointments, 24/7 access to the physician by cell phone or beeper, house calls, emergency room visits and hospitalizations directed by the physician. In addition, wellness care and preventative care are often provided.… Read the rest

ObamaCare is deemed a “Tax” – What it will mean to Patients and Medical Care

July 5th, 2012 By Steven Knope, MD

And thus ends one of the most contentious legal arguments in recent times, settled by Chief Justice, John Roberts and four liberal members of the Supreme Court: ObamaCare is constitutional, because the personal mandate is a tax. It is not a penalty. It is a tax.

I’ve been asked by several patients who have not been following this issue closely to try to make this Supreme Court’s decision more understandable. I will therefore give you my perspective, from a doctor’s point of view.… Read the rest