About Us


Steven Knope, MD

dr-knope.jpgIn December 2000, Dr. Knope opened one of the first concierge medicine practices in the country. A board-certified internist and sports medicine expert, Dr. Knope has received local and national media attention for his work as an opponent of the HMO industry. As an uncompromising patient advocate, Dr. Knope practices his best medicine in the concierge medicine environment, dedicating the time and resources necessary to oversee the very best care possible for his patients. Read more about Dr. Knope's background and published works here.

Practicing the lifestyle that he preaches, Dr. Knope is a dedicated triathlete and practicing martial artist.

Support Staff

Dennis Moore

Dennis joined the clinic in 2012 as a strength and conditioning coach. As an All-American weightlifter and certified Master Fitness Specialist, Dennis offers a highly experienced perspective on patient's exercise and fitness plans, working with everyone from Olympic lifters to older adults as a fitness specialist. Dennis works in our personal training studio as a fitness coach to Dr. Knope's patients.